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    Gica Popa(1/7)

    Gica Popa - portret Administrator

    Experience in economics: since 1977. Qualifications: Expert Accountant, Auditor, Assessor, Fiscal Consultant, Human Resources Inspector Economic Director for the period 1996 – 2003 at a...

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    A complete and powerful team! We're here for you, commited to help you in any situation! ”Getting better, every day, in everything we do!”

  • Accounting


    Aiming higher!

    Accounting reconstructions, Financial and Fiscal Accounting, Online Statements, Payroll, Human Resources, IT Support, Fiscal Consulting

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    5 Star Accounting! We are an accounting firm on the way to perfection and our range of services is continuously improving.

  • Fees and taxes


    We fight for you!

    VAT refunds, Legislative News, Online statements, Preparing and Submitting Balance, Mergers, Managerial and fiscal consulting

    You need Geseidl!

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    Fighting the state, from the beginning of a business until its closure un need a powerful fiscal consultant.

  • Payroll & HR


    Without fines

    Seems hard to believe, but our customers didn't get any fines from the ITM... for 8 years!

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    Concentrate on your business and leave the payroll and human resources work on experts' hands.

  • Management


    Maximize your profit

    Accounting and managerial consulting for successful leaders!
    Do not waste time with details, outsource your services or temporarily hire staff

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    Peaks are lonely, but a top manager always feels safe with Geseidl!

  • Audit and evaluation


    Quality work

    Amicable accounting expertise
    Financial audit
    Enterprise evaluation
    Real estate evaluation

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    An credible balance sheet must be audited! A building should be reassessed periodically! Geseidl can help!

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    Especially for you!

    Best accounting services, more affordable than ever!

    Unbelievably cheap!

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    Looks impossible, but it's true! Geseidl always has promotions! Find out more about how you can benefit from them!

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    Roxana U. - Medical optics(1/7)

    optica medicala

    I am very happy because Geseidl had the patience to rebuild all my accounts from 2005 to 2011. I did not think anyone will get...

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    Recommended by our customers! Do you want to know other opinions about Geseidl? Our customers like to talk about us!

Geseidl, Accounting Firm in Ploiesti

According to the new regulations, the certification of fiscal declaration is mandatory. By working with us, you can obtainall of these in the same package:

Worldwide trend of small and medium enterprises is outsourcing of services, giving more time to concentrate on the activity and substantially reducing costs of achieving their objectives. As the Romanian economy is already a European market economy, we should consider aligning to European practices and standards.



hether you’re a small business or a developed company, using our services you benefit economically, financially and managerially. The Geseidl team accumulated experience from the many problems faced by each client and puts it at your service:

  • The warranty of GESEIDL services is certified by CECCAR, TUV Rheinland Sud. Our professionalism is guaranteed by our CCF, CAFR, ANEVAR, CCIPH memberships.
  • Rich experience concerning relationships with state authorities in Ploiesti, Ilfov and Bucharest.
  • Rich experience concerning relationships with control organs(Financial Administration, Financial Guard, ITM Prahova, ITM București, ANOFM Prahova)
  • Best solutions for applying taxes and fees (including in the European Union).
  • Simple, quick and efficient methods for applying current legislation
  • Recommendations for software programs that meet law requirements and are approved by fiscal control organs
  • IAS Reports for multinational companies
  • At Geseidl, we speak English as well as we speak Romanian, so you can quickly receive information in English.
  • We, Geseidl, are always aware of legislative news, concerning specific problems.
  • Our customers are covered by contractual liability.
  • Geseidl service costs could be lower than the costs of performing the accounting evidence at the company’s headquarters. Our experience, power and flexibility are firmly superior. That means you could employ an accountant at half of the price of one authorized accountant from Ploiesti.
  • Relieving yourself of doing financial accounting activity, submitting declarations and local reports, you gain time, and you can concentrate your efforts on achieving your own objectives.“Less stress, more benefits!”
  • You can benefit from our services even for limited periods of time without striking the complications of an individual employment contract in Ploiesti and Bucharest
  • We promote equitable, profitable, long term partnerships for both of the partners, based on mutual respect and trust.


Geseidl Euro Finance Consulting

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Geseidl Human Resources

Human Resources and IT Consultancy Sinaia. Personal services firm Campina. Micro-enterprise Accounting Breaza. Small and medium companies Accounting Services Valeni de Munte. Read More …

Geseidl Small Bussiness

Certification statements 101 Ploiesti. Submission balance sheet Prahova. Accounting Audit Ploiesti. Financial Management Services Comarnic. Read More …

optica medicalaoptica medicala I am very happy because Geseidl had the patience to rebuild all my accounts from 2005 to 2011....[Read More]
productie vata medicinalaproductie vata medicinala From Geseidl I learned that age does not matter when you do everything with passion. I started working...[Read More]
productie masini unelteproductie masini unelte I work for a little time with Geseidl, but I found open minded people here to meet the...[Read More]
lucrari speciale de constructiilucrari speciale de constructii I like to work with Geseidl! I take care of my business, and they took off my shoulders...[Read More]
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