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Our Customers


omanian and foreign legal entities are classified as micro, medium, non-profit societies, associations, etc.. Foreign partners parent companies have their headquarters in Austria, England, Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain, Holland, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and Turkey.

The history of the RON turnover for our customers, processed by accounting and payroll section is the following:

A more appropriate image for the size of our customers is still given by CA in EUR, quite different due to exchange rate and visibly affected by the global financial crisis:

The main areas of activity of our customers are:

Food products. Production and preserving of meat. Preparation of meat products.
Metallic subassemblies
Parts for jet engines (airplanes)
Electronic components
Hydraulic systems
Valves and pumps
Casting of iron
Manufacture of other metalworking machine tools
Manufacture of taps and valves
Tubes (pipes) of steel
Manufacture of machine tools
Production of cotton wool and medicinal products derived
The production of medical apparatus and instruments
Production of sports equipment and instruments
Manufacture of sports goods
Leather Clothing
Sawmilling and planing of wood, impregnation of wood
Production of other types of furniture

Pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products. Medication.
Building materials
Pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products
Grocery stores
Non food stores
Buying and selling of own real estate
Trade in parts and accessories for motor vehicles
Wholesale of computers, peripherals and software
Retail trade of electrical household articles and appliances, of radio and television
Wholesale of cosmetics and perfumery
Retail sale of clothing

Editing programs. production Software
Beauty parlor. Hair Styling
Business Consulting
Waste recycling
Architecture activities
Entertainment activities
Medical offices
Maintenance and cleaning
Catering services
Activities of telephone mediation centers
Market research and survey activities
Services performed primarily for businesses
Ambulatory health care activities
General mechanical engineering
Dental care activities
Real estate agencies
Activities of business and management consultancy
Renting and operating real estate

Tourism agency
Construction of buildings and civil engineering works
Insulation and corrosion protection
Plumbing works
Demolition of buildings, earthworks and organization of construction sites
Construction of motorways, roads, airfields and sport facilities
Other specialized construction
Renting cars and small capacity utilities
Freight transport by road
Land transport of passengers, occasional
Recovery of waste oil pits. (Environmental)
Sanitation, remediation and similar activities
Mediation in trade of machinery, industrial equipment
Shipping house

Services that benefit our customers can be configured according to the needs of each company. We always have available to you promotions or special offers, the prices being negotiable depending on several parameters.