We offer smart solutions for business development in România

We are a second-generation family business

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A few words about us

We are a team trained for success.

Geseidl is a family business that understands and respects the values of parnourism, regardless of the challenges. Our services represent success rate along with our best customers. These are services for which we guarantee the involvement and responsibility of our team.

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Our Mission

We offer smart solutions for business development in Romania.

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Our Vision

Art services. Art that builds confidence in the future of business and shares customer joy. Our vision is Geseidl Art.

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Our Services

poza modul Audit


From complex to simple. You rely on a successful team when you want more security for your business.

poza modul Tax advice

Tax advice

We invite you to a tax rally. Our experience and objectivity give a new direction to this challenge.

poza modul Management consulting

Management consulting

Decisions that change the future. A change means many dilemmas but also new opportunities when we are together.

poza modul Human resources consulting

Human resources consulting

People are the success. Development attracts more people and better training through our mentoring science.

poza modul Training


Set your measurable objectives and let our training experts guide your employees to the success you expect.

poza modul Ratings


The correct price. A complex service with many values where we bring the safety factor for your future decision.

poza modul Transfer price

Transfer price

In safety. We assist you with the preparation of the transfer pricing file in accordance with the European legislation in force.

poza modul Accountancy


Simple and effective. This service gives you the prospect of having more time to grow your business.

poza modul Payroll


About change. Wage management, compliance and operations are just as many reasons to ask for our services.

poza modul IT services

IT services

Efficiency technology. Operating speed and technological performance come together with our vision of the future.

poza modul Business records

Business records

One way. Even if it looks like a simple activity, the need for operations can always put you on the road.

poza modul Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions

Strategic direction. The answer to a performance fusion, based on indicators and relevance is simpler if you think.

Why Us?

Yes, we have always wanted to overcome conventional barriers and have built our performance through innovation. We have built new procedures and implemented a new technology. Yes, it can.

Yes, we are sure that organization is the basic component of efficiency and we are constantly working on this chapter of the organization, because we always want more, better. Yes, it can.

Yes, we believe that by learning we can be better people and better professionals, we can have a team that is more united and dedicated to the projects. Through mentoring we can deliver intelligent solutions. Yes, it can.

Yes, we are persevering and we manage to get where we are going, because the involvement of our team always supports the high level of performance. Yes, it can.

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The management team

We are a team trained for success.

We want to be better and better, every day, in all we do.

Picture Robert Popa

Robert Popa

Managing Partner
Senior Business Analyst, Senior Auditor
Picture Constantin Popa

Constantin Popa

Managing Partner
Senior Tax&Management Consultant
Picture Laura Vasilescu

Laura Vasilescu

Managing Partner
Senior HR&Payroll Consultant
Picture Florin Moisoiu

Florin Moisoiu

Managing Partner
Senior Accounting&Tax Consultant