The experience in the field of financial accounting is the main advantage of the Geseidl team.

We have, from our own experience, an overview of the regional business environment and have developed over time the effective reporting methods required by our customers. We have a team of well-trained people who are adapting to your needs. The work is permanently monitored by management and qualitatively validated.

Since 2000, we are ranked first in CECCAR's Top Rank Companies.

Areas of proficiency for the accounting service

  • Chronological registration of accounting items on the basis of primary documents;
  • Elaboration of the monthly verification balance;
  • Drawing up the journal register, inventory register, VAT logbooks and large book;
  • Management accounting;
  • Preparation of the balance sheet;
  • Drawing up and filing tax returns;
  • Verification and certification of the balance sheet;
  • Strengthening the balance of checks for groups of companies and their transposition into the balance sheet;
  • Preparation of financial reports according to group rules / IFRS;
  • Settlement of payroll records and receipt of tax certificates;
  • Assistance with fiscal controls by state bodies.


No matter the size of the business, capital or industry in which your company operates.

We can help you work smarter to achieve your goals.

Let's talk about developing your business!


Contact persons

Picture Florin Moisoiu

Florin Moisoiu

Managing Partner
Senior Accounting&Tax Consultant

I am a member of the Geseidl team since August 2005. During the period 2007 - 2016 I coordinated the Financial-Accounting Services Department, where I gained a lot of experience in internal and international tax consultancy, mentoring, coaching, organization and management of a team of specialists.

Since 2016 I am a coordinator of the Production Department, where I deal with the automation of internal processes as well as customer activity. I like to find efficient solutions for operational work, for process computerization both at the customer and at Geseidl. I am the promoter of active participation in the development of new IT programs.

Since 2013 I have been a partner in the company.

Although I work a lot, I like to ... have free time, stay with my family and friends and go to the mountain.

My motto: "Learn from life, teach (share) what you learn and keep on walking"

Phone+40 771 616 250

Picture Mihaela Stoica

Mihaela Stoica

Senior Accountant

I am a graduate of the Petroleum and Gas University of Ploiesti, the Faculty of Accounting and Management Informatics and I started my career here at Geseidl Euro Finance Consulting in 2007. After more than ten years in this company, I have gained a solid experience in this area, because I have gone through all the professional stages, from junior consultant, senior consultant and now I am a partner.

I lead a team of four people and I think that a good professional and leader is just the one who constantly invests in learning to perform. In this respect, I completed my studies with a Master of Marketing in the Context of European Integration and a course for obtaining the Human Resources Inspector Certificate.

I like to work efficiently, especially when something needs to be done quickly and I have excellent organizational and communication skills.

I think Geseidl is a long-term partner, a positive energy source, and my favorite motto is: "True success means never stopping to improve."

I am passionate about cycling, traveling, music and dancing.

Phone+40 371 325 769