Senior Accountant / Client Consultant (CS16)

Senior Accountant / Client Consultant (CS16)

Step 1 (Who is the ideal candidate?)

For us, the ideal candidate meets the following criteria:

Can speak fluently and correctly in English (minimum B2);
Has advanced PC skills (mandatory: Word and Excel or equivalent, email, internet);
Can drive a car (he has a category B driving license);
He / she has successfully completed economic and / or legal higher education;
He has worked for at least 3 years on a similar function;
Has the title of expert accountant and / or financial auditor and / or tax consultant;
He is a sympathetic person, rigorous, attentive to details, orderly and dynamic;
She has very good communication skills and teamwork skills;
Has a complete CV completed in the Europass format :))

Step 2 (What should you do as a Senior Accountant / Client Consultant?)

The simplest thing is to quote from the job post, so you have some of the general duties of the post below:

Receives, registers, scans documents and distributes them according to internal procedures;
Draws up statements, reports and legal statements;
Maintains a good relationship with customers;
Represents customers in tax controls;
Designs and drafts documents, analyzes, presentations, reports and advertising materials;
Demonstrates continuing professional training;
Pro-actively contributes to company development;
Organizes and coordinates meetings and conferences;
It keeps the confidentiality of all the data it has access to.

Step 3 (What will you get in return?)

Salary and other benefits;
The ability to learn many things from complementary areas;
Permanent training;
Attractive work environment, open to innovation, performance-oriented but focusing on FAMILY;
Excellent working conditions;
State-of-the-art IT technology;
Ability to promote performance and engagement;
Teambuilding and recreational activities with the team
Lots of fun!

Step 4 (How Can You Be a Senior Accountant / Customer Consultant at Geseidl?)

Send us your updated CV at! To make it easier, use the link below: