Florina Chițu

Florina Chițu

I joined the Geseidl team in 2011 and during this time I have gained experience in financial accounting in the areas of:

Maintaining the relationship with clients in the portfolio;
Taking financial-accounting documents;
Registration and verification of documents and preparation of financial and accounting records;
Drawing up financial statements for customer management;
Providing support and consultancy on various types of accounting;
Training and customer training, but also for colleagues.
The diversity of the clients' field of activity has helped me in the professional development but also in the accumulation of knowledge in several industrial fields.

I believe that the development of knowledge in the field of financial-accounting auditing represents a future step important in my professional development and that an effective relationship takes place alongside the client who is eager to evolve together.

My motto: "Happiness comes when you believe in what you do and when you like what you are doing.

Studies: Faculty of Finance and Banking at the Petroleum and Gas University of Ploiesti and Master in Audit, Accounting and Accounting Expertise.

Phone+40 771 616 243