Geseidl Group

Geseidl Group is an Integrator of Intelligent Solutions through Interconnected Services, which give us the prospect of developing our customers.

We have a great responsibility when performance requires more specialization and more professionalism, which is why we have created centers of excellence in several related fields such as financial, human resources, audit and tax, Real Estate or Startups.

That's how we built the Geseidl Group, from the desire to perform on every domain mentioned.

In addition, we know that sport and the movement in general contribute to better body health and the way we think in terms of efficiency and performance.

We also know that we need to have a responsible attitude towards our local society. Thus, we brought to the forefront of the group and the Association for Sport and Health, which, through social projects, encourages young people to get involved in organizing and participating in sports activities.

From the perspective of future development, we are considering new projects and building two centers of excellence on IT and Artificial Intelligence. There are two areas that will cover the area of efficiency and performance.

Geseidl Group Structure:

  • Geseidl Euro Finance Consulting SRL
  • Geseidl Human Resources SRL
  • Geseidl Startups SRL
  • Geseidl Real Estate SRL
  • Geseidl Audit&Tax SRL
  • Geseidl Association for Sport and Health
  • Geseidl IT SRL
  • Geseidl AI SRL

Geseidl Group Evolution:

Evolution of Turnover (euro)


Evolution of number of employees




Evolution of customer number