GeseidlStartPlus program

GeseidlStartPlus program

The Geseidl Group has launched the "GeseidlStartPlus" program, a program for graduate economics students who want to start and develop a career in accounting, audit, payroll or business in Ploiesti.

When experience is required on the labor market, we only ask for determination, when young people want support, we offer support!

At present, the program continues with the support of Ploiesti University "Petrol-Gaze", as well as with CECCAR Prahova by organizing the annual Jobs Market Place. For graduates there is a chance to grow, and for us it is a joy to help them and to contribute to the development of the region.


Program’s benefices

Student graduates who will be selected in this program will be able to understand beyond the theoretical aspects the practical work of accounting, audit and payroll services. In addition, young people will work with a team of professionals willing to explain with patience and seriousness the practical elements of this beautiful profession. Not less important is that the experience gained in the program offers the opportunity to stay with Geseidl Euro Finance for the beginning of a successful career. In fact, all the members of the Geseidl team have started their career this way ... for us it's a tradition!

Do you think you would like it? We do not ask for your experience or recommendations, but we want to see the determination and the courage to take the first step! And if you have a little lesson of accounting, economics and other stuff related to numbers (math, for example) we would certainly like to talk!

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How can it apply?

It's simple! In order to apply to this program you must email us at a letter to motivate your willingness to participate, the qualities and personal abilities that support you for this candidacy. Do not forget to pass essential things such as name, faculty, specialization and year of study, the phone number and the email address to which we can contact you. Any other essential information related to the school or extra-curricular activity that may be related to this candidacy will be a ... plus!

We wish you every success and we look forward to your candidacy for the Geseidl Start Plus program so that together we can open a new page and why not join the Geseidl team!