Internship programs

Internship programs

Joining the Geseidl Intership Program is not only a great opportunity to demonstrate your skills and learn new things, but also a solid way to start here a successful career.

When you work at Geseidl, you have access to the practical knowledge of the team, based on real case studies and an opportunity to learn from highly qualified professionals. Thanks to a complex learning program that combines professional qualifications with interpersonal skills, you have a chance of professional development. Join the Geseidl Intership Program and start working on interesting projects, while developing a deep understanding of our clients' businesses and industries

08.12.2017 - Petroleum and Gas University of Ploiesti

A beautiful and educative day, along with students in Year 3 at UPG. I have presented the prospect of the "accountant" profession, which in reality is much more complex and creative than it seems from books. An almost "pink" profession, as the students have said, amazed at the prospect of artificial intelligence in this field. Yes, accounting keeps up with the weather, and "good practice" is a first step for a successful career. And it can be. We, the Geseidl team, trust the students' potential and support this direction. We hate "Welcome" to all students who want to practice with us. They will certainly have a lot to learn, and experience will be extremely useful for their future.

We start signing up for the Geseidl Practice Program.

19.02.2018 - Geseidl Office

Welcome UPG economists to the internship with us. Geseidl Art means more than the art of our profession, it is the care for the future generation. Now they are students and aspiring to a better future. They have confidence, will and want to learn from practice. At us there is always an open door for those who want to be better every day. Because this is the Geseidl culture.