Mihai Cucu

Mihai Cucu

Senior Legal Advisor

I am a senior legal adviser with over 10 years experience in this field. During this time, I had the opportunity to accumulate and develop professional interactions with business, law courts, local and central tax authorities.

By my way of being a professional perfectionist, I seek to find personalized solutions for each problem. And as problems arise at every step and every client, I always focus on researching factual situations, existing evidence of being used on the basis of law.

I have been a law graduate since 2003 with a Master in Business Law. In addition, I have completed a course in human resources and a mediator.

Since July 2015, they are part of the Geseidl team. As a meticulous and curious one, I have gladly accepted the new challenges of Geseidl, working with simple and pragmatic approaches, learning to live nicer day by day. I feel honored to mentor my younger colleagues, according to the motto "We're getting better and better every day in everything we do!"

In my spare time I am passionate about history and especially about the modern history of Romania. I think we always have something good to learn from this history.

I am guiding the motto "Knowledge is proud with what it has learned / Wisdom knows how long it is" [William Cooper (1731-1800)].

Phone+40 771 616 248