Picture When the medical system seems \" News
29.04.2021 11:43

When the medical system seems "down to earth," we must be "up to par"!

Donate for this medical project of CF Ploiești Hospital

Picture Earth Day. Made in World News
23.04.2021 11:48

Earth Day. Made in World

Every long-term entrepreneur has a responsibility to strike a balance between

Picture Tiki-taka, in the team game. Mad News
16.04.2021 11:45

Tiki-taka, in the team game. Made in Spain

We have people, jobs, strategy and results. Goaaal

Picture When precision makes a differenc News
08.04.2021 10:22

When precision makes a difference. Made in Switzerland

Yes, the Swiss place great emphasis on this precision in both business and social life

Picture Architecture and art, in busines News
01.04.2021 21:23

Architecture and art, in business. Made in Italy

Yes, the main thing is about the resilience and architecture of a business.

Picture An humanitarian emergency return News
25.03.2021 22:53

An humanitarian emergency return. Ploiesti

It is about the third wave of the pandemic, which now generates a very large volume of hospitalizat

Picture About tastes and refinement. Mad News
18.03.2021 21:24

About tastes and refinement. Made in France

From the emblematic cheeses for the French gastronomy to the most precious materials and elegant cre

Picture Simplicity and relevance, cold. News
11.03.2021 15:18

Simplicity and relevance, cold. Made in Sweden.

The characteristic of the collective mind made the "Swedish model" of existence make Sweden

Picture The place with the gold mine in News
04.03.2021 12:05

The place with the gold mine in Germany.

It's just a metaphor that best illustrates a quality-based business model.

Picture Business in waltz steps, through News
26.02.2021 13:59

Business in waltz steps, through Austria.

Today, we tarry on the streets of Vienna to see and understand that art and business have a common d

Picture Spices for success, in Hungary. News
19.02.2021 10:49

Spices for success, in Hungary.

Certainly business organization is an important component in development. When your business plan ma

Picture Talented businesses, in Romania. News
12.02.2021 08:39

Talented businesses, in Romania.

So, we start our new entrepreneurial journey through the countries of the world and we start right f

Picture From this month, we will start a News
04.02.2021 21:17

From this month, we will start a new project of entrepreneurial attitude.

It will be a global project that will take us, every week, among the entrepreneurial cultures from m

Picture See you in 2021 News
17.12.2020 10:35

See you in 2021

Last week, PANTONE, the world's best-known color company, officially released the colors of 2021. So

Picture Winter cleaning News
11.12.2020 10:31

Winter cleaning

Talking now of the business area, the end of the year must be one of "cleanliness", not only from th

Picture The union lesson News
03.12.2020 15:47

The union lesson

As an entrepreneur, however, I find it appropriate to think about this union as a business model, es

Picture The line between… News
26.11.2020 11:30

The line between…

What does an entrepreneur do in the last month of the year? Ha! Some take stock, so

Picture An essential change News
19.11.2020 15:59

An essential change

What changes during this period are only entrepreneurial techniques.

Picture Entrepreneurs in the fog News
11.11.2020 15:36

Entrepreneurs in the fog

The most important benefit of a compass is the confidence that guides you to go in a safe direction

Picture About zero and ten News
04.11.2020 12:56

About zero and ten

Today we are going to talk about apparently without much relevance. It's about the blessed average.

Picture The story of a cricket News
30.10.2020 09:50

The story of a cricket

We start this episode with a fable. Yes, a rather funny fable, for those who still believe in the mo

Picture Two magic words News
23.10.2020 10:02

Two magic words

How can these two words change your business? Simple. Stupidly simple.

Picture 4-pin entrepreneur! News
15.10.2020 11:32

4-pin entrepreneur!

About how to win... customers. Does the "fabric" make the entrepreneur or vice versa?

Picture About the neighbor\'s goat. News
08.10.2020 10:23

About the neighbor's goat.

Now that we're talking about the neighbor's goat, we're also talking about competition for your busi

Picture Does money bring happiness? News
30.09.2020 19:02

Does money bring happiness?

How many times have you heard this expression or how many times have you tried to

Picture When stupidity hurts. News
24.09.2020 17:10

When stupidity hurts.

It's not a misfortune when you are wrong. Everyone is wrong. It's a drama when you

Picture Entrepreneurs at school! News
16.09.2020 08:58

Entrepreneurs at school!

Oh, yes! School is not just for children. Ultimately, this school is about learning and about the de

Picture About  responsibility! News
10.09.2020 15:30

About responsibility!

For many entrepreneurs or managers, this problem is very thorny.

Picture Time, blame it News
03.09.2020 13:38

Time, blame it.

Today, over a quiet coffee, we talk about how you can't see your head, and the expression "Time is M

Picture About consistency, as \"living c News
28.08.2020 10:08

About consistency.

Yes, we get bored too quickly, we give up when things don't seem to be ok

Picture Why are you afraid to dream? News
19.08.2020 18:09

Why are you afraid to dream?

Today we are talking about Flame Orange, the most optimistic color.

Picture GESEIDL Green, because this colo News
13.08.2020 11:27

GESEIDL Green, because this color has always given us the courage to move forward.

We are talking about GESEIDL GREEN, because today, with you, we celebrate 17 years of activity!!!!

Picture Do you have an entrepreneur clot News
13.08.2018 22:39

Do you have an entrepreneur cloth?

We make you a successful business!

Poza Noutăți de primăvară News
01.03.2018 14:25

Spring News

The partnership between Geseidl and Ciel is a step towards the future.