Professional experiences

Professional experiences

Welcome to our workspace.

When you enter the Geseidl office, you get a nice feeling. Do not imagine a glass skyscraper with supersonic lift and underground parking with voice command. We are in Ploiesti, in the center of town, in a beautiful house where, 14 years ago, an idea came alive. He then got roots, later to grow and become a positive example, a reference in the financial-accounting field, a notable presence in the branch and recognized by the national bodies for his merits.

Stepping into the firm, you feel that unmistakable buzz about job economist but, more than that, it is an atmosphere of positive concentration, involvement and passion. The 30 colleagues who meet each morning at Ana Ipătescu's office help over 150 companies to unravel embarrassment in various aspects of taxes and duties, mergers and acquisitions, auditing, management, accounting, payroll, human resources, leasing personal, IT, etc. Being able to help is, in fact, the satisfaction of well-being, and to identify your passion in the practiced craft is the only way to be truly fulfilled.

At Geseidl we have always been talking about professionalism and continuous improvement, here being an open door for valuable people who have created the right environment for professional development. There are regular trainings, customer visits, there is and continues to be a precious amount of "hot" information and "cold" feedback, and every year the team has earned plus value through every man who came up with his personality, his expertise and his enthusiasm.

The team

Picture Robert Popa

Robert Popa

Managing Partner
Senior Business Analyst, Senior Auditor

Engineer by profession, I am part of the Geseidl team from the day when everything was just on paper. Ideas, desires, ambitions and hopes. I draw a line and results a small business with 4 employees, all members of the family. But that was written 15 years ago.

Today, as a manager and general manager, I feel closer to the position of a mentor of the entire Geseidl team, a team of 30 employees. Even if we grew up and now we are a national company, the family spirit has not disappeared from our organizational culture. Moreover, this spirit has also been passed on to customers through solid partnerships, based on trust and respect.

My specializations as financial auditor, evaluator expert, quality auditor, quality management, accountant expert, and programmer engineer help me have an objective view of the most important business flows in business.

I like the challenges and I have always brought to the firm the desire to do something new, something that will increase efficiency, something that will make our professional life more beautiful. My greatest passion is Artificial Intelligence and I want to launch a new project on this subject.

Beyond business, I love my family, I like to do sports and play piano. All this is an art.

My Motto: "To be better every day in everything I do.”

Phone+40 720 470 006

Picture Constantin Popa

Constantin Popa

Managing Partner
Senior Tax&Management Consultant

I am the co-founder of this company and since 2003, as an Executive Director, I have been trying to form a team of financial accountancy specialists. A long way, full of challenges, and notable results. Beyond the economic performance of all these years, I am proud of the fact that today, Geseidl is a second-generation business. We started with two or three teenagers eager to assert, so then to build a team of many ambitious young people who, over time, have acquired the necessary experience to coordinate major projects.

I am a balanced person, sometimes too balanced and I like to help young people in their professional development as well as partner companies in business development. I think the Geseidl profile is best suited to young people's vision and seniors' experience, a balance based on discipline, creativity and performance.

As Executive Director and mentor of the entire Geseidl team, I assure you that our mission to identify intelligent solutions for your business development is as real as possible. Without these intelligent solutions we could not go any further, and Geseidl will always go further.

I love my family and enjoy the moments spent with my loved ones. This family culture, with its moral values, was transferred to Geseidl and business relations. Yes, we always respect our customers and build stable partnership relationships.

That's me, this is the Geseidl company I represent and I invite you with us to develop your business.

My Motto: "To be better every day in everything I do.”

Phone+40 720 470 030

Picture Laura Vasilescu

Laura Vasilescu

Managing Partner
Senior HR&Payroll Consultant

I am a senior consultant with experience in human resources and I joined the Geseidl team 13 years ago.

Between 2007 and 2016, I led and developed the team of specialists in Personnel-Payroll Service, and since 2017 I offer expert advice to Geseidl's clients through optimal HR and organizational solutions.

Teamwork Geseidl has developed excellent organizational and communication skills. I focus on improving processes and increasing efficiency both internally and for group clients. I am an attorney for maximum use of information technology and process automation.

I am currently studying the impact of using Artificial Intelligence (IA) on human resource development and the importance of ethics in the use of AI.

I graduated from Petroleum and Gas University of Ploiesti, a Master in Economics Management and a Postgraduate Specialization in Human Resource Management at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies.

I like to share with my colleagues and partners as much as possible with my professional experience because I'm studying training methods for trainers. I participate with interest in conferences, seminars and webinars in which I have the opportunity to meet people and their points of view, from which I always have something new to learn.

My motto? "It's progress, not perfection!".

Phone+40 771 561 674

Picture Florin Moisoiu

Florin Moisoiu

Managing Partner
Senior Accounting&Tax Consultant

I am a member of the Geseidl team since August 2005. During the period 2007 - 2016 I coordinated the Financial-Accounting Services Department, where I gained a lot of experience in internal and international tax consultancy, mentoring, coaching, organization and management of a team of specialists.

Since 2016 I am a coordinator of the Production Department, where I deal with the automation of internal processes as well as customer activity. I like to find efficient solutions for operational work, for process computerization both at the customer and at Geseidl. I am the promoter of active participation in the development of new IT programs.

Since 2013 I have been a partner in the company.

Although I work a lot, I like to ... have free time, stay with my family and friends and go to the mountain.

My motto: "Learn from life, teach (share) what you learn and keep on walking"

Phone+40 771 616 250

Picture Roxana Șerban

Roxana Șerban

Senior HR&Payroll Specialist

I am part of the Geseidl team in 2015. With the support of the whole team, here I have professionally developed in the field of human resources and salary by understanding and completing more and more complex projects.

The biggest challenge for me was to better manage my working time, to be more effective and to bring more value to each project. He deserved this challenge.

My specialization relates to:

data processing, payroll, medical leave, holiday leave, bonuses, attachments, other detentions;
verification of tax returns, submission of addresses recovering amounts from the Health House;
records of days of holiday leave, medical leave;
completing statistical reports;
managing personal files, providing support and consulting on various legislative issues;
training and training for customers and colleagues.

Increasing the number of clients assigned and increasing the number of customers with more than 50 employees made the diversity and complexity of the work a challenge, the way in which no day resembles another.

Developing knowledge in international labor law is a priority given the growing interest of foreign investors in Romania.

I believe in professional training and participation in courses and seminars. All of this brings many benefits to both colleagues, clients and partners.

I love music and people! I think people make the difference!

Phobe+40 771 616 246

Picture Mihaela Stoica

Mihaela Stoica

Senior Accountant

I am a graduate of the Petroleum and Gas University of Ploiesti, the Faculty of Accounting and Management Informatics and I started my career here at Geseidl Euro Finance Consulting in 2007. After more than ten years in this company, I have gained a solid experience in this area, because I have gone through all the professional stages, from junior consultant, senior consultant and now I am a partner.

I lead a team of four people and I think that a good professional and leader is just the one who constantly invests in learning to perform. In this respect, I completed my studies with a Master of Marketing in the Context of European Integration and a course for obtaining the Human Resources Inspector Certificate.

I like to work efficiently, especially when something needs to be done quickly and I have excellent organizational and communication skills.

I think Geseidl is a long-term partner, a positive energy source, and my favorite motto is: "True success means never stopping to improve."

I am passionate about cycling, traveling, music and dancing.

Phone+40 371 325 769

Picture Daniela Vasilescu

Daniela Vasilescu

Senior Accounting&Tax Consultant

I am a Senior Client Consultant at Geseidl since 2013 and alongside my good colleagues in Geseidl, I have had the opportunity to work with companies from various fields of activity, from which I have gained an important experience in financial accounting services.

I like to be efficient when working on projects, regardless of their complexity and always looking for smart solutions for my clients' business.

I am a member of the Chamber of Chartered Accountants and Authorized Accountants of Romania (CECCAR), a member of the Chamber of Fiscal Consultants (CCF), accredited as accountant and tax consultant.

My areas of expertise are customer support in business development, proactive project control and mentoring for our younger colleagues.

I am an organized, punctual and pretentious person with permanent aspirations for self-sufficiency.

Phone+40 771 616 243

Picture Mihai Cucu

Mihai Cucu

Senior Legal Advisor

I am a senior legal adviser with over 10 years experience in this field. During this time, I had the opportunity to accumulate and develop professional interactions with business, law courts, local and central tax authorities.

By my way of being a professional perfectionist, I seek to find personalized solutions for each problem. And as problems arise at every step and every client, I always focus on researching factual situations, existing evidence of being used on the basis of law.

I have been a law graduate since 2003 with a Master in Business Law. In addition, I have completed a course in human resources and a mediator.

Since July 2015, they are part of the Geseidl team. As a meticulous and curious one, I have gladly accepted the new challenges of Geseidl, working with simple and pragmatic approaches, learning to live nicer day by day. I feel honored to mentor my younger colleagues, according to the motto "We're getting better and better every day in everything we do!"

In my spare time I am passionate about history and especially about the modern history of Romania. I think we always have something good to learn from this history.

I am guiding the motto "Knowledge is proud with what it has learned / Wisdom knows how long it is" [William Cooper (1731-1800)].

Phone+40 771 616 248

Picture Florina Chițu

Florina Chițu

I joined the Geseidl team in 2011 and during this time I have gained experience in financial accounting in the areas of:

Maintaining the relationship with clients in the portfolio;
Taking financial-accounting documents;
Registration and verification of documents and preparation of financial and accounting records;
Drawing up financial statements for customer management;
Providing support and consultancy on various types of accounting;
Training and customer training, but also for colleagues.
The diversity of the clients' field of activity has helped me in the professional development but also in the accumulation of knowledge in several industrial fields.

I believe that the development of knowledge in the field of financial-accounting auditing represents a future step important in my professional development and that an effective relationship takes place alongside the client who is eager to evolve together.

My motto: "Happiness comes when you believe in what you do and when you like what you are doing.

Studies: Faculty of Finance and Banking at the Petroleum and Gas University of Ploiesti and Master in Audit, Accounting and Accounting Expertise.

Phone+40 771 616 243

Picture Paraschiva Dumineca

Paraschiva Dumineca

In short, Vica how I like to be told. I joined the Geseidl team shortly, but are part of the first generation auditors authorized by CAFR Romania.

As an auditor and accountant consultant, we have gained extensive experience in local accounting regulations and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs)

My professional activity includes many companies and state institutions in various economic fields (production, refinery, tax and control institutions).

I like to be organized and always to finalize the projects I am allocated to.

I am a communicative person and I interact well with colleagues, both at personal and professional level.

I feel great when sharing with my younger colleagues some of my experience, because I am a sincere and flexible person, willing to work for any given project and gain more experience each day.

I am an active person and a "fighter", if one can say so, because I did not receive anything for free. I have a lot of energy, I like to set goals and meet them.

I like traveling and outdoor exercise through grass, field flowers and among trees, so I cultivated and cared for an orchard with over 150 apples.

I graduated from Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies - Faculty of Finance and Accounting and have a Master in Management of Economic, Tourism and Administrative Systems at UPG Ploieşti.

I am a Professional Accountant, member of the Body of Chartered Accountants and Authorized Accountants of Romania (CECCAR), authorized auditor, member of the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania (CAFR) and the main areas of competence are: financial audit, internal audit, financial and accounting consultancy .

Phone+40 771 616 247