We advise on specific processes and provide specialized solutions tailored to your business needs. The services offered include recommendations on tax issues with significant impact on the company, private enterprise or individual, valuation of tangible, intangible and trading assets, advice on the allocation of the purchase price or the review of damages.

When is business valuation required?

If you find yourself in one of the variants below, then you need a (re) evaluation of your business:

  • The decision to acquire or sell shares;
  • Fusion - acquisitions;
  • Take-over of holdings;
  • Association with parts of the enterprise;
  • Selling the company.

We have the competence and experience to produce the company's assessment report, based on International Valuation Standards (IVS), according to the ANEVAR directives.


No matter the size of the business, capital or industry in which your company operates.

We can help you work smarter to achieve your goals.

Let's talk about developing your business!


Contact persons

Picture Constantin Popa

Constantin Popa

Managing Partner
Senior Tax&Management Consultant

I am the co-founder of this company and since 2003, as an Executive Director, I have been trying to form a team of financial accountancy specialists. A long way, full of challenges, and notable results. Beyond the economic performance of all these years, I am proud of the fact that today, Geseidl is a second-generation business. We started with two or three teenagers eager to assert, so then to build a team of many ambitious young people who, over time, have acquired the necessary experience to coordinate major projects.

I am a balanced person, sometimes too balanced and I like to help young people in their professional development as well as partner companies in business development. I think the Geseidl profile is best suited to young people's vision and seniors' experience, a balance based on discipline, creativity and performance.

As Executive Director and mentor of the entire Geseidl team, I assure you that our mission to identify intelligent solutions for your business development is as real as possible. Without these intelligent solutions we could not go any further, and Geseidl will always go further.

I love my family and enjoy the moments spent with my loved ones. This family culture, with its moral values, was transferred to Geseidl and business relations. Yes, we always respect our customers and build stable partnership relationships.

That's me, this is the Geseidl company I represent and I invite you with us to develop your business.

My Motto: "To be better every day in everything I do.”

Phone+40 720 470 030

Picture Mihaela Stoica

Mihaela Stoica

Senior Accountant

Sunt absolventă a Universității Petrol și Gaze din Ploiești, Facultatea de Contabilitate și Informatică de Gestiune și mi-am inceput cariera exact aici, la Geseidl Euro Finance Consulting, în 2007. După mai bine de zece ani în această companie, am acumulat o experienţă solidă în acest domeniu, pentru că am parcurs toate etapele profesionale, de la consultant junior, consultant senior și acum sunt partener.

Conduc o echipă de patru persoane și consider că un bun profesionist și lider este doar cel care investește constant în învățare pentru a face performanță. În acest sens, mi-am completat studiile cu un Master pentru Marketingul în Contextul Integrării Europene și un curs pentru obținerea Certificatului de Inspector Resurse Umane.

Îmi place să lucrez eficient, mai ales atunci când ceva trebuie făcut repede și am excelente abilități de organizare și comunicare.

Cred că Geseidl este un partener pe termen lung, o sursă de energie pozitivă, iar motto-ul meu favorit este: „Adevăratul succes înseamnă să nu te oprești niciodată din a îmbunătăți”.

Sunt pasionată de mersul pe bicicletă, călătorii, muzică și dans.

Telefon+40 371 325 769