Roxana Șerban

Roxana Șerban

Senior HR&Payroll Specialist

I am part of the Geseidl team in 2015. With the support of the whole team, here I have professionally developed in the field of human resources and salary by understanding and completing more and more complex projects.

The biggest challenge for me was to better manage my working time, to be more effective and to bring more value to each project. He deserved this challenge.

My specialization relates to:

data processing, payroll, medical leave, holiday leave, bonuses, attachments, other detentions;
verification of tax returns, submission of addresses recovering amounts from the Health House;
records of days of holiday leave, medical leave;
completing statistical reports;
managing personal files, providing support and consulting on various legislative issues;
training and training for customers and colleagues.

Increasing the number of clients assigned and increasing the number of customers with more than 50 employees made the diversity and complexity of the work a challenge, the way in which no day resembles another.

Developing knowledge in international labor law is a priority given the growing interest of foreign investors in Romania.

I believe in professional training and participation in courses and seminars. All of this brings many benefits to both colleagues, clients and partners.

I love music and people! I think people make the difference!

Phobe+40 771 616 246