Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Who are we and what do we want to achieve? 

The Geseidl mission is: ”We, the Geseidl team, exist in order to make the world a better place”! We care about those around us! We want to help the ones who start a business, we want to be a real support for the established ones and we want to offer all of them trust and confidence that they will achieve their goals, on time, everytime, with the help of our team’s professionalism. We have searched and we will always search the best solutions in all that we do, in order to make a more beautiful life for everybody.”

And how do we manage to make the world better, the life more beautiful for everybody?  

Baby steps, done daily, better and better, supporting the ones around us in all the achievable projects that we can involve ourselves in.

In November 2016 we managed to establish Geseidl for Sport and Health Association in order to support the sports projects of the community and to encourage more people to get involved in sports activities, in any form : as a parent who supports its child at a small event, as a teenager who wishes to stand out in the field of activity that he enjoys, as a team, where several enthusiasts set themselves a common goal, as a high end athlete, or as a Romanian coach who practices in Romania.

We enjoy the support of many coaches, each of them being a member of different sports clubs with National reputation (cycling and athletics for now), with astonishing results in the past years (hundreds of medals), who need our support. With their guidance and our help, the talented kids could become national or international champions, and the other ones from those clubs could live a sports man life, a healthy life, a a role model for the young generation. These teenagers are a role model for all of us, with the passion that they show for sports and performance, given the fact that they have support only from their families.

We wanted to found this association because we want to bring sport back to the population. We want to encourage mass sport and the events where more and more ”thought and feeling youth” want to run, compete, to encourage and to enjoy this part of life with all their human being, directly, face to face, not just from behind the T.V..

Through sport we want to bring not only health to those who practice it but also, the socialization part which comes along with each sports event!

Let’s get to know eachother outside the Facebook comunity, of Whatsapp and instant messages!

Let’s get to know eachother outside the business meetings and enrich our lifes with beautiful friendships!

You’d like to help us. How can you support us?

If you like our idea and you want to help us it’s very easy! Here’s what we need:

  • volunteers
  • projects ideas
  • sponsorships

How can I become a volunteer?

By offering yourself as a volunteer, right? If you find yourself enjoying our ideas and you want to participate along with us, send us an email at! We really need your help and we are more than ready to welcome you!

Project ideas

We barely started and our mind is buzzing with lots of ideas, just like bees in the hive… We were involved in the organization of public events and we took part in many competitions, both as athletes and as organizers, and recently as parents! Along with our ideas, any new idea is more than welcomed:

  • projects of events targeted on sport education (e.g.: Bike4Kids in 2015);
  • projects to support performance;
  • projects of events like sports competition (OPEN + categories);
  • projects of UNcompetitive sports events;
  • projects of sports prersentations in schools/kindergartens;
  • projects of meeting the local champions (athletes/coaches): face to face, conversations, short presentation of sports history;
  • other ideas.

Sponsorship from a commercial society

Since 2016 the Fiscal Code became much more permissive and the deductibility limit of sponsorship has grown. This way, the companies will be able to decrease form the sponsorship’s income tax up to 0,5% from the turnover, but no more than 20% from the due income tax.

Namely, if you have a commercial society with income tax, you could, without any additional expense on your budget, help an NGO within the mentioned limits through the help of a sponsorship contract, which doesn’t require going to a notary, but just the main parts! It’s really simple  (vezi aici detalii suplimentare)!

If you are willing to support us, the completed contract is right here: 2016.12.06 – GSS – Model Contract de sponsorizare

You can download it, complete it and sign it. Then you cand make the payment in the RON account, which it’s specified in the contract. Please, don’t forget to send us a copy! ????

Thank you! You are welcomed to join our events!

Sponsorship from an individual

Did you know that without any expense, you can support us? It’s really easy: you fill in a declaration with your name and CNP, you give it to us or send it to ANAF. This way, a small percentage (2%) from the income which you have payed will be redirected to us.

If you have incomes from wages you may complete 230 form. If you have incomes from any other sources you may fill the 200 declaration.

Thank you! You are welcomed to join our events!