Let's be better every day in everything we do. This is our successful motto, which we also want to bring to your company. It's simple. Invest in training your employees, and future results mean performance for your business.

If you have not yet implemented a training program within your company, set your measurable goals and let our training experts guide your employees to the success you expect.


No matter the size of the business, capital or industry in which your company operates.

We can help you work smarter to achieve your goals.

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Contact persons

Picture Robert Popa

Robert Popa

Managing Partner
Senior Business Analyst, Senior Auditor

Engineer by profession, I am part of the Geseidl team from the day when everything was just on paper. Ideas, desires, ambitions and hopes. I draw a line and results a small business with 4 employees, all members of the family. But that was written 15 years ago.

Today, as a manager and general manager, I feel closer to the position of a mentor of the entire Geseidl team, a team of 30 employees. Even if we grew up and now we are a national company, the family spirit has not disappeared from our organizational culture. Moreover, this spirit has also been passed on to customers through solid partnerships, based on trust and respect.

My specializations as financial auditor, evaluator expert, quality auditor, quality management, accountant expert, and programmer engineer help me have an objective view of the most important business flows in business.

I like the challenges and I have always brought to the firm the desire to do something new, something that will increase efficiency, something that will make our professional life more beautiful. My greatest passion is Artificial Intelligence and I want to launch a new project on this subject.

Beyond business, I love my family, I like to do sports and play piano. All this is an art.

My Motto: "To be better every day in everything I do.”

Phone+40 720 470 006

Picture Laura Vasilescu

Laura Vasilescu

Managing Partner
Senior HR&Payroll Consultant

I am a senior consultant with experience in human resources and I joined the Geseidl team 13 years ago.

Between 2007 and 2016, I led and developed the team of specialists in Personnel-Payroll Service, and since 2017 I offer expert advice to Geseidl's clients through optimal HR and organizational solutions.

Teamwork Geseidl has developed excellent organizational and communication skills. I focus on improving processes and increasing efficiency both internally and for group clients. I am an attorney for maximum use of information technology and process automation.

I am currently studying the impact of using Artificial Intelligence (IA) on human resource development and the importance of ethics in the use of AI.

I graduated from Petroleum and Gas University of Ploiesti, a Master in Economics Management and a Postgraduate Specialization in Human Resource Management at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies.

I like to share with my colleagues and partners as much as possible with my professional experience because I'm studying training methods for trainers. I participate with interest in conferences, seminars and webinars in which I have the opportunity to meet people and their points of view, from which I always have something new to learn.

My motto? "It's progress, not perfection!".

Phone+40 771 561 674